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Your Special Day at Palazzo Bellucci

Bellucci Napoli has created a Special Day for you and your loved one. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that merges old and new world traditions for a day you'll always remember.

Step out onto Bellucci Napoli's 18th-floor terrace and enjoy champagne and Calvisius caviar overlooking scenic 5th Avenue and 57th Street. On the 19th floor, your master shirt-maker Simone Olibet will be on hand to measure and assist you in selecting your fabric and collar style in order to create your custom Neapolitan shirt. Renowned for its athletic cut and hand-stitched shoulder which allows for greater comfort and wear, your Bellucci Napoli shirt will be an initiation into a tradition that has enjoyed unparalleled reputation since Neapolitan aristocracy indulged its taste for custom clothing in the early 1900s.

This personalized experience is an invitation to participate in the process while you relax in the comfort of Bellucci's discreet hospitality. When the process is handed over to the expert hands of Bellucci Napoli's seamstresses who add unique touches, such as hand-stitched buttonholes using your choice of thread, you will be invited into Bellucci Napoli's 20th-floor Salotto where prestigious wines and coffees are served. Throughout the day, the staff and tailors will cater to all your needs, placing the emphasis on the moment-by-moment experience that is being crafted for you.

Schedule Your Special Day and the keys to Palazzo Bellucci are yours!

We were honored to host Tamara Tunie and Gregory Generet for a very "Your Special Day" at Palazzo Bellucci.

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