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Simone Olibet

Simone Olibet’s passion for shirt making is a narrative of the heart.

Recruited by a master shirt maker when he was just 20 years old, Simone divided his time between his studies and the artistry of the craft. His talents quickly recognized, he succeeded the cutter five months later and decided to devote himself full-time to the role of stylist and shirt maker.  It was a role he would fulfill with ease, setting a path that would eventually bring him to Bellucci Napoli.

Over the course of ten years, Simone’s drive to perfect his skills and express his passion for the cut of a collar – the utmost in shirt making mastery – would cement his dedication and highlight his modesty. An artist who attributes ‘soul’ to the cut of a collar is part of a legendary Neapolitan tradition that risked becoming extinct. Simone’s undivided commitment to the legendary shirt making tradition gained him the respect and support of many important players in the field of bespoke. His experience over these crucial formative years – as a manager in a shirt making laboratory, as a master cutter for a famous Neapolitan brand and a veritable prodigy to those in the know – would endear him to many a well-known patron.

In 2006, a patron would urge him to contact Nedo Bellucci, a fellow Neapolitan, who was looking for a shirt maker in New York City. Simone’s talent was not lost on Nedo, who had the foresight and creative intuition to recognize a skill set that is no longer being passed on from generation to generation; he promised him then and there that one day he would bring him to New York City – a lifelong dream of the young tailor's. Four years later, his dream came true and his talents were exhibited in the beating heart of America. Today, Simone Olibet is the left-handed master shirt maker at Bellucci Napoli,where his talents are in high demand and his skills are celebrated every day.

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