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Nedo Bellucci for Forbes Life Magazine

by Franco Vogt

I had the real pleasure recently to photograph a fellow Neapolitan from the convenience of NYC. Nedo Bellucci is the craftsman behind his namesake atelier, Bellucci Napoli, a custom suit and shirt maker in his castle above 57st street. On the day of our shoot he was very accomodating and very relaxed and allowed me to shoot several setups. His place was like a mens club, with dark woods and comfy leather seating. Complete with a bar and terrace. Those of you that know me, know that I have a softness for nice clothes, and let me tell you, I was eyeing some of the sportcoats. Beautiful fabrics and a summer lightness that make wearing them a pleasure rather then a chore. This was my first shoot for Forbes and they seemed to be happy, I certainly was. Nice to meet you Nedo, hope I can cross paths with you in the future.

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