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Bellucci Napoli Keeps the Legendary Neapolitan Style of Tailoring Alive

In a time where fast-fashion seems to have become more of a norm than a passing fad, it was refreshing to speak with Italian Nedo Bellucci, the founder and creative director of Bellucci Napoli in New York City, as it was a reminder that bespoke, artisanal work is still very much alive and well.

Bellucci Napoli's Palazzo spans over the 18th, 19th and 20th floors of Five East 57th Street where once you walk in, you feel as if you take a step back in time, and that is exactly its purpose.

The manner in which the floors have been designed pays homage to Neapolitan Palazzos, which were built upon the concept of spatial division. The beauty of bringing this concept to the modern day is how it serves as a reminder of the brand's heritage and roots while showcasing its ability to evolve with the needs of today's clientele.

From the beautifully crafted suits that hang throughout the showroom to the books of trims that emphasize the options there are to choose from, each are signs the Neapolitan way of tailoring is present and alive.

English tailoring, along with Neapolitan tailoring are two of the most often recognized tailoring methodologies. As most individuals are more in-tuned to the English ways and not always that aware of the Neapolitan, Bellucci helps to highlight some distinctions.

"English is more constructed," such as by the use of shoulder pads. Neapolitan "is more casual in a way" but it is tailored and structured in a manner that allows the client to move.

Another differentiator of the Bellucci Napoli brand draws from their Neapolitan heritage.

Rather than succumbing to trends or fads, the brand works to make sure the garments they create for their clients compliment not only their body shape but the color of the fabric emphasizes their eye and hair color. They work on a holistic approach.

Bellucci elaborates.

"It's not about fashion per say, as we want to make sure our client looks good, and we help them to establish style. We want the [garment] to fit well and to complement the client."

He continued, "We know what clients want and flatters them."

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on Bellucci Napoli as we work to demystify the bespoke process so even someone new to the experience will feel at ease. We will also share some exciting news from the brand as we continue our conversation with Bellucci.

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