Bellucci Napoli

Your Tailor for Life


International style; Speaking bespoke

Hidden amongst the retail palaces and office space on East 57th Street is an oasis for those of us who speak bespoke. I speak of Bellucci Napoli and Nedo Bellucci who is the ruler of this rarefied kingdom. Mr. Bellucci has brought the skills and craftsmanship associated with his native “Napoli” and planted this artistry right in the middle of one of New York City’s toniest retail areas.

Once you arrive at the entrance of Bellucci, after a quick elevator ride, you are delivered to a world that seems to have been lost in the passage of time, especially here in New York City. The space is a self-contained world where quality and craft reign supreme and all of this is commanded by Nedo Bellucci who has successfully filled a void in the very select world of bespoke tailoring. Mr. Bellucci is the most charming of men who will quickly explain that what “he” does is very unlike what most of us conjure when we think of bespoke tailoring. In today’s world, there is no shortage of made to measure possibilities, whether bespoke services are offered via top tier retailers and famous makers or even the more mass type retailer who offer custom suits at $1000 and delivered within less than 2 weeks.

What sets Bellucci apart from the flock is the softer side of his brand of sartorial elegance and by that I mean a suit that is as light as air and looks just as “built” as any Saville Row selection. The belief here at Bellucci Napoli is that the fit is achieved via patterning, intricate construction, hand work and cutting rather than just by padding and fusing which means that the finished product is as comfortable as your favorite jeans and sweater. The appeal is not lost on his former English tailored clientele and it is embraced by the newer and more “advanced” client who wants to look stylish and not look like he is dressed by his father’s tailor… In keeping with that philosophy, Mr. Bellucci even offers a 5 pocket jean style, which I can say is over the top fabulous. Think of it this way, today, you can walk into Barneys, or Bergdorfs or Saks and buy jeans for over $300 and they are piled on a table; here you can have them custom made to your specifications, for not much more and in the fabrication of your choice… I know my choice!

What cannot be ignored in this “world” is that Mr. Bellucci has created a social space/showroom where there are wine tastings, on occasion, as well as a meeting space for his out of town clients who do not have an office here in the city but are in need of meeting facilities. Do not be deceived by the look, this area also serves as backdrop for a variety of superbly crafted leather bags, ties and unbelievably superb umbrellas; all of which are exclusive to him and are from his native “Napoli.” If all this is not enough, there is also the outdoor space, which would make any city dweller green with envy.

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