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Nedo Bellucci conquista la Grande Mela

New York. The story of Nedo Bellucci is worthy of a best seller, and it is said that in a few years is not written for the benefit of those who want to achieve the " American dream" or those who want to make the most of their abilities and realize in the United States . Nedo has reached the world of fashion at the end of a winding path . Lost her beloved father at a young age , to love Nedo ( against the current wife) and Passion ( for fashion ), moves to New York with the only certainty that one day or the other would have realized his dream . We are at the end of 2004 when he abandons the financial sector , and decides to try to achieve the " American dream." I remember when he accompanied his father to the tailor , the excitement of his first bespoke suit when he was only 10 years old , and a pinch of creativity all the baggage that formed Neapolitan Nedo has brought to America . After just five years of apprenticeship in the field of fashion, Nedo realizes his dream giving life to his project . Today, Bellucci Napoli is housed in a luxurious three-story loft on the top of a skyscraper with Anglo positioned at the luxurious Palazzo Bellucci 5th Ave Naples is the point of reference for managers and Celebrities in search of products of high Neapolitan tailoring , and at the same time is a very exclusive venue for meetings "top" and custom events .

In Italy you started as an entrepreneur, when you facing the industry such as tailoring and then you end up in New York City?
"It 's been a vicious circle, I mean , a good Neapolitan , as a boy I loved to wear suits, jackets and coats of good tailoring . One day , by chance, during a trip to New York city , I realized the huge difference between the Italian and American men . I realized that there was a desperate need to import the Italian tailoring , so I figured why not give it a chance to men and managers this country, always open and ready to improve, going to work , show up at meetings or dinners with clothes always perfect? If we want to give an exact date on it all started in September 2004, when I met my current wife American Benedict in Naples . We met at a wedding party of a mutual friend and needed a place to stay for one night, then our love for them has been a continuous growth . I quit my job and moved to New York, without any certainty of where my new career was going but with the certainty that I tried to fulfill my dream . "

A good bespoke suit is an investment. What do you think is most important when buying a suit ?
"The first clear sign of a good dress is like a garment wearer , the cuts are essential , the dress must fall perfectly on the body , this is the difference of the measure, in addition to being handmade , therefore unique and with good materials . No expense is spared when it comes to clothes if you buy something cheap , your appearance will result equally Cheap . "

What is the Plus tailoring signed respect to the dress ?
" Fabric , construction, design , cost and exclusivity , but especially the luxury of having a personal tailor . The tailor becomes your best advisor and confidant, can really help the client to discover and highlight its quality , hide imperfections and make it perfect for any specific occasion and , in my experience this can be a revelation for a client who faces in this world for the first time."

The New York Fashion Week is upon us, what do you expect from Bellucci Napoli?
"We expect the unexpected, this has been a year full of satisfaction , many famous people have worn our leaders , protagonists of many magazine covers , for NYFW , we are launching a line of tailored shirts for women, we will make a great party presentation, where we hope to satisfy even the wives of our customers. "

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