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From Naples to New York City, even in a loft on top of a skyscraper located right on 5th ave fashionissima, Nedo Bellucci, founder of tailoring "Bellucci Napoli" of tailored suits worn by Celebrities and tells managers today to In Your Shoes as he made his American Dream.

You started as a financier in Italy. When did you decidet to do tailoring business, and how did you end up in New York City?
It happen circuitly. As a Neapolitan, when I grew up I loved to wear high quality suits and coats. I use to come to New York quite often and I saw clearly what the difference in style from Neapolitan and Italians in general was to that of American men. So I always thought that where ever there is a need, there is an opportunity. Knowing the capability of Americans to be open to learning and improving themselves I dream that if one day I had the opportunity I would start a business in custom clothing. If we want to give a precise date it started in sept 2004 when I met my actual wife Benedicte in Naples. She came for a wedding party of a common friend later our love is still growing. I quit my job, and moved to New York with no doubts of where my new career was going but but with the certainty that I would try to realize my dream.

A good tailored suit is an investment. What do you think is most important when buying a dress?
The first clear sign of a good suit is like a garment wearer, the cuts are essential, the dress must fall perfectly on the body, this is the substantial difference of the measure, besides being done by hand, then single piece and with good materials. Not expense is spared when it comes to clothes if you buy something cheap, your appearance will be as Cheap.

What is the bespoke suits Plus than a suits with luxury Brands?
Fabric, construction, design, cost and exclusivity, but also the luxury of having a personal tailor. The tailor becomes your best adviser and confidant, can really help the client to discover and highlight their own qualities, mask imperfections and make it perfect for any specific occasion and, in my experience this can be a revelation for a client that looks to the world for the first time.

The New York Fashion Week is near, what is expected from Bellucci Napoli?
This has been a year full of satisfaction, many celebrities have worn our cloths, and our shirt and suits was protagonists of many magazine covers for the NYFW we are launching a line of custom shirts for women, we will make a great party presentation, where we hope to satisfy even the wives of our customers.

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