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Bellucci Napoli occupies three floors of a skyscraper in Manhattan. His last service 'I want it now': a tailored shirt in 24 hours 525 €.

The corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street is one of the epicenters of fashion in New York. The four blocks that form this junction stay to Tiffany and Bergdorf Goodman, in addition to the boutiques of Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Bulgari. A few yards away, a gate leads to a discreet elevator rises 18 floors up, to an alien world to the tide of yellow taxis, tourists and executives, a traditional Neapolitan tailoring.

Bellucci Napoli tries to replicate the ambiance and warmth Seamstress School Italian city. The first three floors features a terrace with stunning views where refreshments just landed in tailoring. The rear houses the production area, and listen at the main tailor Olibet Simone, Naples, speak Italian with the rest of the team, including two seamstresses: one of Naples and Calabria another. The visits, however, often begin on the second floor, headed by a broad mix lounge sofas to chat and have a drink with suits, shirts and pants and exposed sample books.The most special part is the large table where Simone prepares patterns, cut the pieces and sew fabrics.

It is a pleasure to enjoy a wine and a chat with a friend while the craftsman runs a shirt, with a background of large windows facing Manhattan. "My idea was to offer the same kind of experience that were once enjoyed in measure Neapolitan tailoring," says Nedo Bellucci, the owner. "Workshops where you were going to hang out, you were talking business, you took a glass of wine and you enjoyed the whole process. That's the kind of experience I wanted to bring New Yorkers," he says.

Is Nedo own, a former fund manager always linked to the fashion industry, who often greets customers, talk with them while Simone takes measurements, accompanies them on the books of samples or explain the differences between Neapolitan style suit and English. Meanwhile, Simone prepares a shirt sample to pass try it on. Nedo try cutting corners, and know what the customer's preferred sound or your favorite music in the lounge whiskey.

MADE IN ITALY. The big goal is to combine Bellucci Napoli this exclusive and traditional treatment with the New York requirement I want and I want it now. Typically, a shirt or a suit takes between four and six weeks to produce. Measurements are taken in New York, but the suit or shirt are sewn in a workshop in Naples.

Now, Nedo Bellucci, Simone Olibet and with a team of two seamstresses, provide a unique service: bespoke shirts, high-quality, built in 24 hours. Simone, a tailor with many years of experience but young looking, can cut and sew a maximum of five to six shirts per day. The price for this piece, which is always made with the best fabrics, is 525 €. Cheapest price for materials less expensive and if you have time to wait four to six weeks, is 270 €. The custom costumes, meanwhile, range from 2,700 and 5,400 €.

The third floor is a living room, elegant and traditional where Nedo Bellucci hopes to develop his dream: his tailoring evolve into a social club. This room, and the outdoor terrace, you will enjoy future partners in dinners, wine tastings, business meetings or poker game with your friends or with other lovers of traditional tailoring. "I want to enhance the emotional side of becoming a shirt or a suit," concludes Bellucci.

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