Palazzo Bellucci

     Bellucci Napoli’s Palazzo in New York City is housed on three
     floors. Like the Neapolitan Palazzos, it draws upon the spatial
     division known as the ‘noble’ floor, to welcome gentlemen, their
     friends and associates into an exclusive environment with
     breathtaking views.

     From the height of its 20th floor ‘Salotto’, the noble floor of this
     modern day narrative houses a private area dedicated to VIP
     services. Reserved for exclusive gatherings and personalized
     events, 1900 Salotto’s Club Members can enjoy and share their
     stature just as the nobleman did in his Palazzo.

Directly below, on the 19th floor, the ‘Bottega’ reserves a special surprise. Amidst the full collection range on display, each visitor is invited to participate and witness a master artisan as he creates a custom shirt. This special service, available to all Bellucci Napoli clients, stands to exemplify the legendary craft and personalized process that defines the essence of this modern day Palazzo.

The offices and tailor dedicated areas are housed on the 18th floor of this modern day showroom, strategically placed to ensure that the rarefied world each gentleman is being welcomed to experience and share is revered and protected. Bellucci Napoli’s Palazzo inspires nobility in each service it provides.

Below you will find a visual walkthrough of Palazzo Bellucci.