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Bellucci Napoli is proud to introduce a groundbreaking event in the world of Bespoke:

Epoca 24, a breakthrough innovation that celebrates the Sartorial tradition of shirt-making by accelerating the tempo without taking anything away from the craftsmanship and meticulousness that defines a handmade shirt.

Epoca 24 is our 1 Day shirt: a finished bespoke shirt available exactly 24 hours from first fitting.

Epoca 7 is a completed shirt in 7 days.

With Epoca 24, Bellucci Napoli achieves a perfect balance, combining the kind of intense attention to detail that has defined Neapolitan tailoring for the past three centuries with the instant gratification of a New York City shopping experience. If the dandy with a live-in tailor could request a shirt for the next day, Bellucci Napoli's master shirt-maker aims to do the same: delivering a handmade bespoke shirt in just 24 hours.

Each Epoca 24 client has the opportunity option of one of five shirts, handcrafted by Master Neapolitan Shirt-Maker, Simone Olibet. Only five 24-hour custom shirts are crafted daily at Palazzo Bellucci. Assembled by one master fabric-cutter and a team of seamstresses focusing on body and details respectively, Epoca 24 brings each team member's unique set of skills to life.

As Bellucci Napoli’s most exclusive and unique service, the Epoca shirt enjoys a number of unique and noteworthy details.

The ‘Insellata’ cut - with its form-fitting armhole and angular shoulder-stitching that always sits on top of the shoulder - makes for an easier and more comfortable fit, with no extra fabric needed for natural movements and day-to-day wear.

The collar is cut by hand and assembled with a special technique which allows it to stay in place whether its worn buttoned or unbuttoned. Seeing, feeling and slipping on an Epoca 24 shirt is bound to be an initiation - once tried there is no going back.

The Epoca collection is also available in Epoca 7, a seven-day bespoke shirt service, and Epoca 7 Connoisseur, a seven-day service with four additional steps by hand. Pricing begins at $350.

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