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Bellucci Polo

As seen in Incisal Edge magazine.
The Bellucci Polo is Italian-crafted to compliment any man. Our polo sets a new standard for how the modern man dresses. It allows for flexibility in any man’s wardrobe while still maintaining style and sophistication for all faucets of his life, from classic to casual to sport.

What sets the Bellucci Polo apart from others is not only its flattering cut, hand-embroidery or customizable options, but its collar.

Bellucci Polo features an innovative collar design, first-ever created for a Polo shirt, that will remain structured while wearing the polo alone, under a blazer or other outerwearsweater. Based upon the same technique leveraged in making our famous dress shirt, the collar remains steady and straight, which gives that touch of casual sophistication that every man desires for his classic style.

The meticulous technique used to craft our Bellucci Polo celebrates the sartorial tradition of shirt-making, in a more casual style.

Handmade in New York City with 100% Italian jersey cotton, mother of pearl buttons and hand-embroidery, the Bellucci Polo is available as ready to wear or custom made in 5 days.

Purchase a Bellucci Polo ready to wear here or the bespoke version by calling us at 212.207.8228.

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